The Curse of Good BBQ

So many BBQ places find themselves having mediocre BBQ because IMO, it’s really really hard to meet the demand of round the clock BBQ.

You’ve either got to cut corners on the process, delegate (which means hiring out) to someone who might not be as passionate about BBQ as you or just take the loss and do what you’ve gotta to keep the bills paid.

I don’t envy anyone who does this full time as a main source of income and the impossible situation they find themselves in. For the places that get it right? They crush. But even still, it’s not easy. I’m constantly mindful of the privilege I have with this business and the luxury I have of it being a side business. I’d never rub that in the face of any place doing BBQ to pay the bills.

Good BBQ is the antithesis of the instant gratification culture we live in. It’s slow. It’s a little bit different every time. It’s a lot of work to get right. But it’s worth it.


That’s why I’m proud of our little thing we’re doing at Smoke ‘N Peppers BBQ. I get to cook and share my favorite cuisine from a place of passion and obsession.

We’re going to preorder. You’re going to wait all week. On Friday night, I’m going to light a fire and sacrifice briskets at the altar of smoke while having church in “Grand Hickory Tabernacle” and after a good, patient waiting, you’re going to partake in some of the best BBQ you’ve had. (Pictured: Some of the best BBQ you’ve had>>)


I don’t want to “blow up”, I don’t want “double pay” to take your order because you forgot to preorder 😉 , I don’t want to expand and “do Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays too”. I just want the pure craftsmanship and to keep trying to tame fire. All for the look on your face when you sample that first bite and are blown away by the secret “backyard BBQ guy”.

Welcome to the party and heads up: It’s standing room only.

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