About Us.

The Smoke ‘N Peppers BBQ story.

We serve small batch smoked BBQ.

All BBQ is prepared over live fires and serves as a base for our dishes and sandwiches.

My unique spin on traditional BBQ honors both my Southern heritage and the rich and global food culture that I’ve adopted through my travels.

Established in 2020.

Surprise! We are a HOME based restaurant operating under San Diego County's "MEHKO" program.
My Story

Smoke ‘N Peppers BBQ is a “small batch” local BBQ restaurant based in Chula Vista, California.

Who am I? I’m a U.S. Navy Sailor and part time cook whose addiction to smoky and savory BBQ led me to start a weekend business. I’ve worked for over 12 years learning and failing and mastering the dishes that I have decided to share through this restaurant. These dishes are prepared with love and passion and this business is shared with my family who have had to suffer through many meat sweats from eating the food that I’ve cooked to obtain feedback for what works and what doesn’t.
If you’re expecting a brick and mortar place, this ain’t it. What it is though, is a place where BBQ is prepared with love and care and where I never fire up my pit if I can’t do it the right way: over real fire. We operate on a preorder only model and feature a rotating menu, depending on what looks good in market at the time. It’s a little different, but a lot of delicious. So if you can get past the idea of eating at a place that isn’t a traditional store front and want to experience (in my humblest opinion) some awesome food coming from a legit hole in the wall (Hey! Don’t talk about my house like that!) then hit the link to order and let me delight your taste buds one of these Saturday afternoons. I do this from the heart and for a passion for tinkering with fire and I hope you all enjoy!

– Malcolm, Owner/Operator Smoke ‘N Peppers BBQ.

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